Promotional methods

Here at, we provide users with three main promotional methods where sellers use PartsMallGh credits to promte their items at will.

We have the following:

  1. Make Special
    When you chose this method, your item is given a special tag, a golden background and placed at the top of all listings and search results inside a beautiful slider for 4 days

  2. Move to Top
    When you use this method, your item is automatically moved to the top of all the latest listings for 3 days

  3. Highlight Ad
    By default, all items have a white background colour. When you highlight, your item is automatically given an attractive background colour to make it stand out among the lot for 3 days


Side Adverts

We also provide a special promotional advertisement banner which has been placed at the side bar of all the relevant pages to ensure customers see your ads on whichever page they are.

You can only apply for this method by contacting our Support team

Promo charges

The charges for the various promotional methods are paid for with PartsMallGh credits. Please see below:

Method Units Charged Can be done by Number of days
Make Special 7 units Yourself or Moderator 5 days
Move to Top 5 units Yourself or Moderator 4 days
Highlight 5 units Yourself or Moderator 4 days
Side Adverts Negotiable Moderator Negotiable

Credit Packs

We have 5 different credit packages that you can purchase:

Package Cost(GHS) Units Received Bonus Received
Vendor's Pack 5 GHS 10 units 2 units
Seller's Pack 10 GHS 20 units 5 units
Trader's Pack 20GHS 40 units 10 units
Merchant's Pack 50 GHS 100 units 20 units
Dealer's Pack 100 GHS 200 units 50 units

Note: 1 unit costs 50 GH pesewas